The demand for teacher training programs is high which focuses more on TEFL TESOL courses. However, a newbie or experienced teacher maybe would want to specialize on a certain field for mastery or out of interest. The following are short courses which can be taken as an add on to TEFL TESOL training:

1. TEYL – Teaching English to Young Learners

– This specialization is ideal for someone who wants to teacher children; from kindergarten to primary. This training highlights the need to understand the nature of the learners at this age. There is also a greater focus on Total Physical Response methodology and Repetition and Drill when it comes to execution of activities.

2. TBE – Teaching Business English

– This training focuses on adult teaching. Normally, students taking this course need immediate help in mastering a certain skill or field such as but not limited to product presentation, presiding a meeting, telephoning, letter writing. The course is typically short and intensive because students are either busy businessmen or company employees.

3. TAE – Teaching Academic English

– Academic English refers to a particular program which highlights test taking strategies. In this specialization course, the teacher trainee studies how to help students who are planning to take English Proficiency Test such as IELTS, TOEIC or OET. The teacher will learn different test types used in a particular test and the strategies in answering them.