ONE TEFL TESOL INTERNATIONAL is a teacher training brand owned and managed by EIS EDUCATION. This program was conceptualized and brought to reality by Chresente ‘Ace’ C. Garong.

Ace Completed his Academic Records in MAED-ELT at Cebu Normal University. He has been in the ELT industry for at least 15 years. He has worked for 3 different American TEFL TESOL providers as Lead-Trainer (TEFL International), Training Director (TESOL Training International, Country-Director (International TEFL Training Institute). He also has conducted teacher training in Vietnam sponsored by Trah Vinh University and the Ministry of Education as well as in Arequipa, Peru through its Regional Education Board.

With the growing demand for TEFL TESOL Certification and with the surge in dollar rate, many Filipinos can not afford to take a foreign owned program. Thus, this prompted Ace to create One TEFL TESOL International, a highly comparable teacher training course made by a Filipino, a teacher, for Filipinos and for teachers.

Teacher training course such as TEFL TESOL need not be expensive, need not be coming from foreign companies. The important part in this training, aside from the certificate, is LEARNING. Will the trainee be able to demonstrate teaching skills after taking the course. Certificate is just a piece of paper, what matters, is the actual performance showcasing what was learned. Ultimately, a certificate which can be legalized or Apostilled so it can be used for work abroad.

On top of that, this training program, since locally produced, the trainee can always depend on the course provider to support whatever training verification is required.

Train Local, Go Global.